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The Summer Growth Weekly

Led by: Jack Lam and Khoi.

The Summer Growth Weekly is a group for Fulbright students to reflect upon their summer journey individually and collectively. On a weekly basis, we discuss in-person our burning questions to learn from each other’s successes and challenges. Sample sessions include the practice of introductory meditation and night of failures.

The Language Learners at Microsoft Weekly

Led by: Naeem Shaikh and Sammi Tam

The Language Learners Weekly strives to create a community around connection, learning, and growth by providing a platform for like-minded language enthusiasts to grow, develop their linguistic skills, and keep each other accountable in each others’ journeys.

The Returnees Weekly

Led by: Dogus Mordeniz and Zeynep Lir

The Returnees Weekly is dedicated to connecting recent Turkish grads who studied abroad with other grads and thought leaders. It is a select group ofTurkish students who are returning from their studies abroad to share, talk, and connect. Our themes for discussion range from innovation to entrepreneurship.

The Tech x Social Impact Weekly

Led by: Anne Raheem and Ayushi Sinha

Our program empowers our members with first-hand engagement with leaders in Tech x Social Impact, a passionate community of visionaries in tech excited about making an impact, and the resources to unlock their potential to take their ventures, organizations, and ideas to the next level.

The Covid-19 Aftermath Challengers Weekly

Led by: Chenh Hung Phat, Thu An, and Le Hoang Viet

Covid-19 Aftermath Challengers is an 8-week group for active undergraduate students in Ho Chi Minh City who are ready to take on challenges of the Covid-19 aftermath. Members are highly motivated people who are deeply concerned with social problems and seek opportunities to contribute their work for making Vietnam a better place. We are a group of learners interested in seeing ourselves growing every day and aiming at becoming 1% better everyday.

The Career Intensive Weekly

Led by: Hannah Lombardo and Eileen Leahy

The Career Intensive 8 week program walks its members through the journey of a career transition or job search and most importantly, helps them develop strategies for relying on their network vs. online applications to land them their next career step. If you view a job search (planned or unplanned) as a time where you apply to a zillion online roles, this community is for you. 

This community is designed to equip its members with the tools needed to drive an intentional career.

Female Entrepreneurs in Saigon Weekly

Led by: Trang Dang and Sophie Jewsbury

Female Entrepreneurs Saigon Weekly aims to bring together women who are interested in entrepreneurship and everything that comes with it. The purpose of the group is to set up a community where we can support, mentor each other and learn together. Core values are: Growth, supporting/giving and self-care.

The Mentorship for Growth Weekly  

Led by: Tri Tran and Chi Thuc Ha

M4G is a mentorship development network that is part of the Harvard University Weekly program. We are the connection point for professionals who want to grow their potential, expand their network, and develop mentorship skills. M4G participants join a passionate network of like-minded changemakers committed to sharing their knowledge and interests with their communities. (http://www.mentorshipforgrowth.com/)

The First Rounding Recruiting Weekly

Led by: Wentao Xu and Curren Iyer

First Round Recruiting is a volunteer-based program with the mission to help college students from disadvantaged backgrounds navigate the recruiting process and launch their careers in the technology industry.